Lheidli T'enneh (LTN ) are Carrier First Nation peoples and reside in what is known today as Prince George, British Columbia and the surrounding region. The word Lheidli means "where the two rivers flow together" and T'enneh means "the People." We see changes occurring in our environmental, which are of great concern to our people as they serve as an indicator of our collective and personal well-being.

LTN Environmental Consulting LP is guided by our principles and value systems, and empowers LTN youth in environmental fields by creating capacity through the advancement of technical skills; increasing the transfer of Indigenous Knowledge from Elders to youth, and from the LTN to the scientific community; and helping our people build meaningful careers.

LTN Environmental Consulting LP provides professional aquatic and terrestrial science, as well as permitting and environmental management services for project proponents operating in natural resource sectors. Our services add value to our clients by providing local knowledge, contextual insight, and timely cost-effective environmental service reducing project risk, allowing clients to focus on sustainable decision making to the benefit of the environment we all share.